Thursday, 12 May 2011

Recycling our Cores

Ever wonder what we do with all those cores that we pull out of the greens each spring and fall during aeration?  We use them to grow sod.  These cores each contain grass plants, Poa annua grass plants to be exact.  Poa annua seed cannot be purchased, so the only way for us to grow the Poa in a controlled manner is to use the cores. 

The picture to the left shows our sod farm on the right side of hole 9.  The area on the right was spread 2 weeks ago and is already starting to grow!  The area on the left was spread today.

In a year this sod will be ready to go.  Sod is a great way to establish turf on the golf course as it is much faster than conventional seeding and reduces the disruptions to play.

Each year we should be able to grow about 600 m2  of sod at no cost. 

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