Friday, 3 June 2011

Stunted grass

Stunted turf on the sod farm a month after establishment.  The turf on the
Left hasn't been cut in a month and neither has the longer grass in the back.
I noticed something kind of neat yesterday while I was cutting some sod from our sod farm. The grass was stunted on the newly grown grass.  This grass originated from the cores that were harvested from our putting greens during our spring aeration.  These grass plants were essentially transplanted from the putting green.

Grass that is maintained at a very low cutting height doesn't grow as fast as longer grass.  You can really see this effect this time of year as the rough grows 4-6 inches in length per week where the putting greens might grow a quarter inch.  Imagine if the putting greens grew that fast!!!  The greens would STIMP at 9 in the morning and my lunch time they'd be at 2!

Another very interesting thing about this picture is the fact that the newly grown turf hasn't produced any seed head.  Virtually all of the grass on the course has gone to seed except for this newly established patch of turf.

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