Sunday, 4 September 2011

Stimp Meter Reader for your Smartphone

Ok so here is another Google Docs Spreadsheet that I made that will calculate your stimp meter readings and will display them in a spreadsheet.  This isn't that wimpy iStimp app that is out there.  This is for the real "big boy" Stimp meter readings.  It is simply a way that you can input data on your phone into a spreadsheet that automatically sorts, calculates and visually shows you the consistency of your putting greens.  .  You can find the file here.
  1. Open the file
  2. Go to File, Make a Copy and rename the file whatever you want
Now if you don't already have a google sites maintenance website you need to make one.  Make a google site and embed the form from the spreadsheet into it somewhere.  If you want to know how to do it;)

Now you can open the website on your smartphone and enter data directly from your smartphone in the field and automatically have it entered into your spreadsheet.  Cool!  The spreadsheet only calculates the most current data input for each hole.  I might make one where you can select the day but I haven't either make it yourself or wait.

I have made the Spreadsheet to determine if you greens are consistent or not.  You can enter a number of how far off of the average green speed you find acceptable ( I use 0.5 feet) on the top of the spreadsheet in cell C1.

You can even embed this spreadsheet in your webpage so that you can see it update as soon as you enter the data.  It does take a while longer to update if it is on your webpage I just view it directly through Google Docs on another page in my browser.

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