Monday, 12 December 2011

Nov Dec 2011 Course Update

Hole 9
Wow, what a spectacular fall we have had on the course. If you were lucky enough to stay in the Harbour this fall instead of going down south to the Palm Desert you would have experienced some of the best playing conditions on the course all year!

Hole 3
This fall has been exceptionally nice with below average rainfall and temperatures. This has left the course in excellent shape and course is dryer today than it was in October. The colder than normal temperatures have slowed the growth of the turf which has only required 2 cuts on the fairways since October 31. Some years we have had to cut 3 times a week just to keep up.
View from top of 4
Aside from the occasional frost delay the golfers have had more opportunity to golf this fall than any fall in recent memory.  I have elected to keep the course closed until the frost has lifted in order to reduce the damage cause from walking on frozen turf. 
Hole 2
In early December I undertook the now annual irrigation system blow out. I rented a large compressor that allowed me to blow out all of the moisture from the system so that nothing is damaged from freezing.  We started this procedure last winter and had really good results with almost no damage to the system over the winter.

 In my time at Pender Harbour Golf Club I have never seen the course go into winter in this good of shape.  As long as the weather cooperates this winter we should be looking at fantastic conditions come spring. 
Hole 1

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