Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Zerotol Evaluation Update Feb 15 2012

Well 2 days have passed since I applied the Zerotol (H2O2) to my putting greens that were infected with Fusarium Patch.  Well not enough control was achieved so I was forced to apply Iprodione today to halt the spread of the disease.  I did, however, leave an area untreated from the iprodione so I will be able to see the long term effects of the Zerotol (if any).

The plugs that I took as samples and incubated in my office showed no difference in the disease progression after 2 days.  The control plugs had just as much mycelium (unscientific) as the treated plugs. Unfortunately it is impossible to see this with the pictures my crappy camera takes.  Maybe in a few days the difference will be more pronounced.

Perhaps the temperatures weren't right or a higher rate was needed.  More research needs to be done to really know how best to use Hydrogen Peroxide to control turfgrass diseases.

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