Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wood Chip Mulch Around Trees

This past week we have begun spreading the wood chips from the clean up of the recent tree work we did on holes 2,4,and 8. We have decided to spread them around some of the trees on the golf course. This will serve a number of purposes. Firstly it will stop grass and weeds from growing right next to the trees and will reduce the amount of time we spend weed whacking around the trees. Secondly it will keep our mowers away from the bases of the trees which will reduce soil compaction.  Thirdly the chips will provide nutrients to the trees in the long term.

For the first month or so the chips will be very light and soft and it will be possible for golf balls to be lost in them. After this time we expect the chips to pack down and they should be not be a problem to hit a ball off.

I have been approached by a number of members over the past few days concerned that the chips will kill the trees. There are a lot of old wives tales out there but here is a really good document that settles most of the myths. The main thing to watch out for when spreading wood chips around trees is to keep the depth low immediately surround the tree to prevent the bark from rotting.

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