Monday, 12 March 2012

New Bridge on 5

Finished Product
Last week we installed a new deck on the bridge between 5 green and 6 tee. This bridge is an old tractor trailer and had the original wood deck on it with a newer layer of wood that was added on top. During construction we found the insurance papers for this bridge and it turns out that it was delivered in 2001.

removal of the old rotten decking
Four out of seven bridges on the course are made from old tractor trailers, the newest was installed last year on hole 7. These trailers make great bridges as they are cheap, strong, and can be wheeled directly to the site. Once on site we flip them over and cut off the wheels and support struts then lift it into place with a crane.

Old deck half removed
This year we used a high powered nail gun to nail the wooden stringers to the steel frame. This saved us almost 2 days of work. We expect the new deck to last at least 10 years if not more.

Cutting old nails off of frame
Adding decking after stringers were attached

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