Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Tracking the bentgrass spread or lack thereof

A mixed stand. It's hard to tell which way the population is shifting, if at all.
I want to know if the bentgrass on my greens was in fact spreading or just there from the seed and on a gradual decline. I looked into tracking turfgrass cover and all the methods involved a lot of time and effort. What I came up with was to simply cut cups in poa one day and in bentgrass the other day. That way I would be placing poa plugs in bentgrass and bentgrass plugs in poa. This would allow me to see if there was in fact a population shift on my putting greens. This looks weird as there are now a bunch of perfect circle patches on my greens but over time they should blend out and be less noticeable.
Poa Plugs in Bentgrass

Bentgrass Plug in Poa
Poa plug in Poa/bent

Poa in Bentgrass
You will notice that the bentgrass is quite "grainy." I am intentionally not fighting the grain as I feel that the longer leaf blade of the bentgrass might give it a competitive edge. The grass blades physically cover the poa plants. Maybe it also gets more fertilizer as the leaf is bigger and I apply fertilizer exclusively in liquid applications.

The grain doesn't seem to be impacting ball roll in a significant way. Certainly not in a way that the golfers here can notice. They are also rolling surprisingly fast for the height of cut (~9.5' @ 0.160" or 4mm).

For more information on what I am trying regarding bentgrass, Check out this post here: Grow What Grows

Who knows?

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