Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Why I don't charge for what I do

I get asked this question almost daily.

"Why don't I charge for what I do?"

"You should really charge money for this"

The simple answer is that the reason I don't charge for what I do is that I feel a responsibility to give back whatever I can to the community that has given so graciously and generously to me in the past.

It gets a bit more complicated when I start to think about who the information I share will really help. For me, being from a very low budget golf course, I feel that it is important to have information accessible to all. If I was to charge for what I do, it would eliminate access to information for many low budget golf courses and I think that this is wrong.

I have always been frustrated with the educational offerings at conferences. They are costly and typically not relevant to my situation. It makes sense though, because the people who can afford to attend these events typically have more money, so why would they want to hear about how to spend next to nothing. It also brings sponsorship into account. I am not sponsored by any company (except my golf course employer obviously) and I intend to keep it this way. This blog is about saving money, not spending money. It's about ideas, not products. Being supported by the people I help would be the only way for me to make money.

"I should be a consultant"

Maybe one day I will, but currently I feel that I have too many things I need to try for myself in order to be truly helpful to others. Radical ideas are hard to convince others to do unless you have first done them yourself and found success. That is what I like to do and am currently doing.

That is the entire point of this blog, to share ideas, try new things, and hopefully help someone out in the process.

As time goes on and this blog becomes more popular I have found myself overwhelmed with all of the requests for help. By no means do I want to suggest people don't reach out to me with their ideas and suggestions and questions. Please, continue to do this! Email me, phone me, tweet me, I love all the interaction!

For those of you who feel that I have helped you out over the years I have created a patreon page. Essentially what this does is allow those who can afford to pay for my content and services to do so and allows me to keep it free and accessible for everyone else.

Even if no one subscribes on patreon I will continue to keep doing what I'm doing so either way it really doesn't matter to me.

If you like my blog and want to support what I do you can support me on Patreon or paypal. Thanks!