Thursday, 1 December 2011

Sand Trap Work

Improperly edged traps allow the turf to creep into the sand.
You might have noticed that the crew (me) has started work on fixing up the sand traps.  Over the course of the season the edges get beat up and each year we re-edge the traps.

As can be seen from the picture to the right the sand has been improperly raked up to the edges of the trap.  This allows the golfer to putt out of the trap as well as allows the turf to creep into the sand.  When the traps have been properly edged they are easier to maintain and provide a greater hazard to the golfers.  

The turf is cut back to solid healthy turf.
The picture below shows how much the turf can creep into the trap in a season.  We (I) will cut back the turf to expose a clean edge.  As the turf doesn't grow this time of year the clean edge should  remain intact until next summer.

Training will be required for all returning staff to ensure that they maintain the existing edge.

The following pictures show the process of re-edging the traps and the final product.

Another view of the work in progress
Edged and un-edged
Finished Product

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