Saturday, 21 June 2014

Pesticide Tracking First Half of 2014

It has now been 6 months since I started tracking the cost and EIQ of pest control products at the Pender Harbour Golf Club. So far I am doing great with keeping with my set goals.

Sustainability MetricYTD Total CostGoalPercent of Goal UsedYTDProgressDaysPercent of TotalNext App Max
Cost Fusarium$1,964.89$5,000.0039.30%46.58%7.28%2784.37%$363.87
Cost Dollar Spot$0.00$400.000.00%46.58%46.58%1700.00%$186.30
Total Cost$1,964.89$5,400.0036.39%46.58%10.19%3778.12%$550.17
Fusarium EIQ348.23800.0043.53%46.58%3.05%1193.46%24.38
Dollar Spot EIQ0.001.000.00%46.58%46.58%1700.00%0.47
Total EIQ348.23801.0043.47%46.58%3.10%1193.34%24.84

As you can see I am almost 37 days ahead of my cost goals and 11 days ahead of my EIQ goals. I am not bragging either. The act of monitoring, setting goals, and making informed decisions has made it extremely easy to keep on track with my goals that I set out in my original Pesticide Tracking Post. I can take what I know about my current EIQ, my goals, weather forecasts, etc, and select a product that will meet the needs of the current situation.

I originally set my goals based on history and as the years go by I will get a real good idea of how my pesticide use differs from year to year as well as set goals that better suit my desire to have the lowest EIQ and cost possible. To get an idea of what my EIQ goals mean I have set my limit at 800. A single high rate of Daconil has an EIQ approaching 600. A higher rate app of Instrata is even higher! I am lucky to be in a part of the world that doesn't require many pesticides to be used!

I am not out in the clear just yet for fusarium but if I can manage the next 2 weeks without a traditional pesticide application I can finally enjoy a few months without this menacing pest! Next up, dollar spot!
Next year I also plan to monitor the EIQ of fertilizer products that are applied that are not required by the MLSN or GSS. Sometimes fertilizer products are applied to improve colour or help with disease so it is important that the impact of these products is also taken into account. Currently the only fertilizer product that is applied as a pest control is Iron Sulphate and Potassium Phosphite. I currently track the Potassium phosphite EIQ and cost in the above table.

In one of my original posts on reducing pesticide use on golf courses I wrote how it is important to keep the condition of the course at a similar or better level to that which was achieved with the pesticides. I can honestly say that the greens here have never been better! I hate the thought that course conditions have to suffer if pesticide use is reduced. NO IT DOESN"T! Despite the greens being in full seed head they look and play great!

If you haven't already, I highly encourage you to start monitoring the cost and EIQ of the pesticide use at your golf course. The simple act of monitoring their use might just be one of the most important IPM practices you can do!
Hole 3 is finally looking good thanks to some tree removal!

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