Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Digital Job Board, Try Before You Buy

The Digital Job board has really been a popular topic with superintendents. I have helped dozens of supers sort their digital job boards out since writing my first post about them in December. For many the cost of setting them up (~$500) is still too much of a risk especially if you don't fully understand it or worry that it won't work for you.

If you are interested in testing running a job board but don't want to commit you can always use my job board as described in my post but instead of displaying the info on a tv in the lunch room, just use it as a guide to update your chalk or white board in the room. You can share the board with your assistants and they can also use it to update the old fashioned, yet reliable, job board you have always used.
The Job Board viewed on my phone can be used to update the current physical job board
If it turns out that this free system works for your needs you can then upgrade to the digital display to make it complete. The only commitment is a bit of time setting the job board up and keeping the planner part updated.

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