Thursday, 29 January 2015

Sharing Your Digital Job Board With Your Staff

The ability to securely share is perhaps one of the most powerful aspects of Google Sheets
One of the most obvious ways to present your digital job board to your staff is to project it from your office computer to a TV screen in the lunch room. Some people have hardwired the TV to their desktop and others have beamed it over using devices like a Chromecast or Apple Tv.

Share with anyone you want and restrict what they can and cannot do
The real beauty of using Google Sheets is that you can share it with whomever you want. Not only can you share it, you can also set the permissions to restrict what others can do. You can allow individual users or anyone with a link like I have with my job board. You can set the permissions to can view", "can comment", and "can edit". You can also make individuals "owners" of the sheet so that they can in turn share it with others.

view only job board for my staff
With my digital job board I have shared it with my staff, and with the world through my blog. I am the only person that can edit it but I could easily allow other staff to be able to edit it if needed. This would be great if you had assistants responsible for updating the job board. For my staff, I don't want them to be able to edit the sheet. It's a view only job board for them. You could also share it with the pro shop staff so that they can see what is happening in real time on the course. Google Sheets makes it very easy and secure to do this.

Another beauty with sharing your job board is that you employees can access it from anywhere (if you wish to allow them). That way they can check the board from their phones or home computers. This makes the job board not just a physical object in your shop, it's a virtual job board that is capable of keeping your staff organized wherever they are.

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